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Support Services for Construction & Asset Management Projects

SDC Projects are building professionals offering support services for construction & asset management projects. All Property consulting services are carried out by David Allan. David is a licenced builder with over 40 years of diverse experience with real technical know-how. David will stay with you every step of your journey.

Our Construction & Asset Management support services for corporate clients include:

  •  Recommendation for overall project strategy;

  • Assistance with procurement & scoping;

  • Assistance with project delivery in design & construction phases;

  • Dispute resolution.


Our services will assist you to effectively plan your project, including:

  • Advice on the overall strategy to design, build & de-risk your project;
  • Assistance in developing the Client Brief – Principals Project Requirements (PPR);
  • Cost Planning advice;
  • Inspection and cost advice for maintenance to develop a planned maintenance programme.


We offer assistance at every step of the procurement and scoping stage, including:

  • Assistance in procuring your designers & builder or trade contractors;
  • Developing scopes of work on which your designers, builder or trade contractors will quote;
  • Developing a scope of work for Enabling Works – where there is a process engineering installation into the base building;
  • Managing the tendering process;
  • Assessment of tenders;
  • Negotiation of contract terms;
  • Assistance in preparing the contract for designers, builder or trade contractors.


To help you see your project through successfully, we’ll provide:

  • Monitoring design consultants in the design phase;
  • Assistance with design reviews;
  • Construction programming;
  • Preparation of Staging Plans & Methodology;
  • Methodology for early access for an integrated fitout;
  • Cost & buildability advice during the design phase;
  • Monitoring the builder or trade contractor in the construction phase;
  • Inspection regime during the construction phase;
  • Variation assessment / negotiation;
  • Completion Inspection;
  • Defect Inspection;
  • End of warranty inspection;
  • Monitor WHS compliance.


The best value we can add in this area is advising a strategy to avoid a dispute in the first place. For building projects this strategy will include advice on how to set up the project, the tendering process, a suitable Contract, fair allocation of risk and how to administer the contract. If you have a dispute we can advise the best way forward. Where appropriate we can work with both parties to search for an early resolution before the parties become polarised.

If in the end your dispute goes legal we can support your legal team as a building expert.


We offer training for builders in developing strategies for delivery of defect free projects, as well as training in & development of systems / processes.

David has developed entire integrated management systems for various building companies.