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Property Inspections & Investigations

SDC Projects are building professionals offering Inspections & Investigations services. All Property services are carried out by David Allan. David is a licenced builder with over 40 years of diverse experience with real technical know-how. David will stay with you every step of your journey and de-risk your project or purchase.

Our Property Inspection & Investigation Services for corporate clients include:

        • Pre-Lease inspections;
        • Defect Inspections;
        • Investigation of building problems;
        • End of Warranty Inspections;
        • Conditions Surveys & Dilapidation Reports.


Let us accompany you when you inspect your preferred leased property. We have a lot of experience in inspections for corporate leases where we assess the property from a building perspective and provide the following:

  • Condition survey of property – assessed against requirements of the lessee;
  • Survey of building services – status of electrical, plumbing, mechanical, lifts etc;
  • Preparation of a Scope of Work for Landlord (work to be carried out by landlord to enable occupation by the lessee – in a form suitable to annexe to the lease);
  • Preparation of a Scope of Work for lessee fitout;
  • Cost planning.


Specialist Defect Inspections are typically provided on new properties or construction projects. These inspections are provided at the completion of construction and also at the end of the warranty period. This is highly recommended given the significant investment in a property or building project.

Let us help you take control of the post occupancy phase with a comprehensive list of building defects. The sooner you issue this list to the builder the greater the likelihood of the builder promptly remedying the defects. Undetected defects can raise their head years later after the expiration of the warranty representing a significant potential risk to the owner.


Step One: Initial Investigation

We will get to the bottom of any building problem and identify the root cause using diagnostic tools. We have the right diagnostic tools and substantial technical know-how;

Step Two: Providing Solutions

Once we have identified the problem we can advise the solution including a Scope of Work for the remedial work;

Step Three: Assistance with Obtaining Quotes

We will assist you in going to the market to get remedial work quoted & contracted;

Step Four: Assistance with the Repairs Supervision

We continue to support you with supervision of the remedial work to ensure all completed work complies with the contract and is completed in a workmanlike manner to industry standards.


This is your last chance to identify any building problems while the builder is still responsible to remedy. Undetected defects can raise their head years later after expiration of the warranty representing a significant potential risk to the owner.


We can provide:

  • Detailed condition surveys of existing building assets to assist with developing a planned maintenance program;
  • Dilapidation Reports on sites adjacent to new construction. Carried out before construction starts to assist in determining responsibility for damage to neighbouring properties during construction.